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A Place to Sell

June 21, 2017

Mixing Business & Pleasure Conferences are offered at a discounted price to members.  Our members also get first choice on all dates one week before they are publicly available.  Members are also given VIP space at shows at no additional cost.  Tables and electric discounts are also a benefit of your membership.

Knowledge is Power

June 21, 2017

Your TTMS Association Membership allows you access to course work to grow you and your business.  Knowing how to manage your business will give you more time for Sales.  Becoming an expert interviewer will give you the confidence to hire the very best people to help you be successful.  Technology is always changing and your membership will help keep you up to date on all of the latest and greatest to keep you selling across all generations.  Members have special rates on course work as well as some courses are FREE to members.  Our coursework is available with in person instructors and webinars.

Celebrate your success!!

June 21, 2017

TTMS Association members gather once a year in sunny California for an upbeat and casual Annual Meeting.  We concentrate on our business 365 days a year.  We all deserve 4 of those days to mix business and pleasure!

Hosted at The Garland Resort near Hollywood, CA, our members bring along their family, kids, grand kids and more to enjoy quality time.  Our members have said this event is one that they look forward to all year long.  There are no qualifying sales to meet or pressure to join us.  It's simply the meaningful part of anyone's business.  Sure we want to make a living, but our Annual Meeting reminds us who we do it for and why we should make a point to spend time with those we love.

Business and pleasure do MIX well!

Members enjoy special registration rates for the Annual meeting that includes the meeting, meals and hotel room for 4 days.  


TTMS also offers special rates for hotel rooms outside of the meeting dates so you can extend your vacation and special airfare rates specific to TTMS Corporation and TTMS Association members.

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June 21, 2017

Networking is the key to any business.  Knowing more people who have a business model in common helps you stay current on trends, know what customers are saying and learning about technology to make your business more efficient.

Job Bank

June 21, 2017

It's not easy to find good people these days, but they are out there.  TTMS Association allows you to post your open positions on our website so that you can be matched with people that have the experience you need and are looking for a job or a career.  Post as many job openings as you like and the responses and the resume's go directly to your email.  Our hiring page is highlighted on many social media outlets including facebook and linked in.  We also reach all college and universities in the Detroit Metro and Ann Arbor areas as well all other major Michigan and Northern Ohio cities.

Your Website

June 21, 2017

TTMS Association members enjoy a link to their own website on the TTMS Corporation website.  We will link social media for you as well including your Facebook page.

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