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Treasurers That Makes Scents, now known as TTMS Corporation started as a small handmade jewelry company.  Since their opening in 2010, six other divisions have opened including TTMS - Meetings & Events Division, TTMS – Learning & Development Division, TTMS Sales & Marketing Division, TTMS – Helms Briscoe Division, TTMS – Association Division and TTMS – Lifestyles Division, formerly Treasurers That Make Scents also remains intact.  The company is proud to have over 180 combined years of experience among their management and staff most of which spent their careers as Meeting Planners, Hotel Managers and Event/Tradeshow experts.  TTMS headquarters is located in Dearborn Heights, Michigan and services the United States and several countries abroad.

TTMS Business Divisions

Association Divison

TTMS – Association Division was originally created to give Crafters and direct sellers a place to Socialize with each other and share best practices.  After just a few months the Association Division started providing sales and business ownership training, tax preparation assistance, Craft and Vendor Shows for them to sell their products and Monthly Networking Events.  After a year the Association Division was bringing in supplier members to help these business owners grow their business and operate at a professional level.  The Association Division hosts an annual meeting for members as well as Incentive Trips for members and their families at fantastic cities and hotels around the Globe!

Learning and Development Divison

TTMS – Learning & Development Division is your one source for sales & marketing, career development and business training.  From technical programs to full branded courses TTMS Learning & Development Division is designed for any hotel staff or small business owner.

Sales and Marketing Division

TTMS – Sales & Marketing Division supplies lead solicitation and list services that assist hotels in discovering new clients and better contacts in their market. The service is perfect for recently opened hotels looking to get up to speed on the market quickly, for mature hotels looking to increase their fair share of the market and find new contacts and for Sales blitz or new sales team members to prospect. Each list is compiled and analyzed by hotel sales professionals with deep experience in identifying compatible companies for the hotel’s business model and discovering valuable contacts to call upon. We take pages of data about the market, comb through the data to select only the most viable leads, refine based on extensive internet research, and present the results in a clear, easy to read Excel format.  The Sales & Marketing Division also provides full service Hotel Sales Teams for pre-sale openings, task force or hotels re-entering the market with an upgraded product.  Also provided are Professional Prospectors, Market Segment Sales Managers, Convention Housing Teams and Administrative Assistants.  “Why hire one person when you can hire a team at the same cost”.


Meetings and Events

TTMS - Meeting & Events Division provides Event Management Services, Site Selection, Sales personnel, Contract Negotiations with all Vendors and more to meeting professionals hosting Meeting and Events in the state of Michigan.

Lifestyles Divison

TTMS – Lifestyles Division, formerly Treasurers that Make Scents was the beginning of it all.  This divisions continues to bring an intimate feel to the company.  Those employed by the Lifestyles Division design high quality handmade jewelry for the whole family that features the original OAK Collection (Limited Quality one of a kind designs) Customize designs for companies, fundraisers and social events such as bridal party's and brides.  This division is where the owners of TTMS and their family keep themselves grounded.  The division still sells the Little Treasurers Jewelry, Partylite and Clever Container products, just like in the beginning.

TTMS – Helms Briscoe Division is for meeting planners who want their time back to spend on meeting content and other important parts of their meeting, Helms Briscoe Associates provide site selection services, Professional Site Visit Management and contract negotiations all while leaving the final decisions in the hands of the planner.

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